Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office
Jackson, Missouri
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The Sheriff's Office is setup with a Captain System instead of the typical Chief Deputy System.  The Sheriff has three Captains, three Lieutenants, and six Sergeants who oversee the daily operations of the Sheriff's Office.

Captain David James:  Commander of Field Operations

Lt. Chris Hull: Commander of the Patrol Division

Sgt. Sean Adams: Patrol Division

Sgt. Ed Curtis: Patrol Division

Lt. Eric Friedrich: Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division

Sgt. Travis Sikes: Criminal Investigations

Captain Ruth Ann Dickerson: Commander Business Operations / Communications

Sgt. Zachary Dillard: Communications / Sex Offender Registration & Investigations / Concealed Carry Permits

Captain J. P. Mulcahy: Commander Jail Operations

Lt. Todd Stevens: Jail

Sgt. Tina Henderson: Jail

Sgt. Tom Davis: Jail

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