Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office
Jackson, Missouri
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Patrol / Traffic


The Patrol Division is commanded by:

The remainder of the division is comprised of sixteen deputies:

Deputy Cody Windbigler

Deputy Robbie Jenkins


Deputy Carrie Berry

Deputy Jerry Gilliam

Deputy Dale Oslund

Deputy Holman

Deputy Zach Snyder

Deputy Michael Landreth

 Deputy Maranda Meyer


 Deputy Tony Baliva

Deputy Ben Juergens

Deputy Aaron Harris

Deputy Lori Droge

 Deputy Aaron Cheney

Deputy Josh Wiseman


The patrol deputies are divided into four squads. Each squad works a twelve-hour shift that provides 24-hour daily service to all unincorporated areas of the county.

Deputy Windbigler is the Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer. He provides service to the Oak Ridge and Delta School districts. However, he makes himself available to any school in Cape Girardeau County that requests his assistance.

Cape Girardeau County covers 579 square miles. There are approximately 500 miles of county roads not including state highways, U.S. highways, and interstates. There are also 21 cities, towns, and villages inside of Cape Girardeau County that require patrols and calls for service. They include: 



Cape Girardeau





Egypt Mills





New Wells

Oak Ridge


Old Appleton







The county is divided into two sectors, the north zone and the south zone. Deputies are assigned a zone prior to each shift and are responsible for all calls in that sector.

Duties and responsibilities of deputies include preliminary investigations, preventative patrols, response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, incident reporting, warrant service, service of court ordered papers, and providing assistance to any other agency upon request.

The patrol division also implements preventative patrols in areas of the county that are more prone to crime. We believe that high visibility in these areas is a way to deter crime. The patrol division conducts approximately 2,800 area checks annually. Preventative patrols help in the reduction of crime and reduce the fear of crime.

Within the Patrol Division are two specialty units, the Honor Guard and the Marine Division. The Honor Guard is used for special events. Among these are funeral details, posting of the colors, and parade marches. The Honor Guard is comprised of eight members of the patrol division.

The Marine Division is comprised of six members of the Patrol Division. During the warmer months of the year, the Marine Division is responsible for patrolling and enforcing the laws of the waterways of Cape Girardeau County. Due to the annual risk of flooding in our area, several members of the Marine Division are certified swift-water rescue technicians who are trained in multiple facets of water rescue.

 Cape Girardeau County is a growing community with approximately 80,000 residents. The Sheriff’s Office averages approximately 18,000 incidents per year. While not all of these incidents require written reports, a large number require making contact with the complainant either at their residence or over the phone. Combined with the large land area and the population of the county, deputies often find themselves responding from call to call.

Below is a list of the crimes reported in the Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting Program for Cape Girardeau County in 2013. Violent crimes include murder (manslaughter), rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes include burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. The following report is not all-inclusive as the Sheriff’s Office investigates reports of violations of all of Missouri’s criminal statutes.

  • Criminal Homicide 0

  • Negligent Manslaughter 0

  • Forcible Rape 3

  • Attempted Rape 0

  • Robbery 4

  • Aggravated Assault 10

  • Assault 155

  • Burglary 118

  • Larceny Theft 107

  • Motor Vehicle Theft 16

  • Arson 2



  • Violent Crimes 17

  • Property Crimes 243

The Patrol Division strives to maintain positive enforcement for the community and hold themselves to a higher standard. They truly believe that it is not only their job to serve and protect but it is also their duty.