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New Release - Warrant Wednesdays


photo of jail cell with words warrant Wednesday


The diligent efforts of the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Deputies have led to several successful arrests. Last week, nine individuals with warrants were apprehended for the following charges:

Class D Felony - Stealing - Firearms/Explosives
Class D Felony - Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
Class D Felony - Stealing
Class E Felony - Assault 3rd
Class E Felony - Assault 3rd
Class E Felony - Non-Support
Class B Misdemeanor - Property Damage - 2nd
Felony - Probation Violation - Possession of a Controlled Substance
FTA - Felony - Dangerous Drugs
FTA - Class A Misdemeanor - Stealing
FTA - Class A Misdemeanor - DWR
FTA - Class B Misdemeanor - Trespass - 1st Degree
Misdemeanor - Probation Violation

If you have warrants for your arrest in Cape Girardeau County, there is a good chance you will see deputies from our Fugitive Task Force soon. However, we encourage you to turn yourself into the Sheriff's Office. This is a significant step towards self-redemption and a fresh start.