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Missouri Sheriffs Approve Resolution in Support of Mexico Border States Sheriffs


Missouri Sheriffs approved a resolution in support of Mexico Border States Sheriffs this week at their 65th Annual Conference in Branson. Mick Covington, executive director for the Missouri Sheriffs' Association, said more than 100 members voted to approve the resolution and that not one sheriff dissented.

The approved resolutiuon reads:

"Let it be hereby known, that the Sheriffs of Missouri, as expressed by their unanimous vote on August 9, 2010 at the annual meeting of the Missouri Sheriffs' Association, fully support the Mexico Border States Sheriffs in their efforts to enforce immigration laws of their respective states and the United States of America.

We realize the failure of the federal government to enforce immigration laws has forced states like Arizona to pass their own legislation to accomplish this goal, and we applaud those states for doing so. We also realize the increased activity at the border has increased the danger to law enforcement and the citizens they are sworn to protect. We applaud your efforts and are grateful for the job you do."