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Shooting Old Route V


                                          Cape Girardeau County

                                            Sheriff's Department



                   NEWS RELEASE

                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE




DATE:  December 27, 2010


At approximately 03:49 a.m. this morning the Sheriff’s Office received a couple of 911 hang-up calls from 3809 Old Route V just north of Cape Girardeau off of Highway 177.  Sheriff’s Officers were dispatched to that location and while responding we received notifications from a female resident that she had been shot and another male in the house had also been shot.  About the same time witnesses who had been at the residence went to the Cape Girardeau Police Department and reported they had witnessed a man shoot the female and then shot himself.


Officers from the Cape Girardeau Police Department arrived on the scene first to assist this department and also the East County First Responders and Cape County Private Ambulance arrived on scene and transported the gunshot victims to a local hospital.


One person has been pronounced dead and the other is listed as stable but critical after undergoing surgery.


Sheriff’s Deputies continue the investigation to try to determine if this is an intentional or accidental shooting of one person and a suicide by the other.  There are no suspects at large at this time.


One arrest has been made in this case as one of the witnesses when leaving the house fired a volley of shots from a different firearm into the air in order to get someone’s attention.  Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested that person for the Offense of being a convicted Felon in possession of a firearm.  This persons name will be withheld until the filing of formal charges by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.


The names of the victim and the deceased shooter are being withheld at this time pending the notification of all family members. 






The charge of an offense is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.