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Dispatchers working at the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office answer numerous calls for help and service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The men and women who staff this communications center are committed to the protection of life and property in Cape Girardeau County. Dispatchers protect citizens by dispatching the appropriate personnel to locations were violations of the law, suspicious activity, traffic accidents, injuries, fires, reckless driving, etc. are occurring. Dispatchers are trained to deal with a wide variety of emergency incidents and deal with high stress situations.

Some of the tasks that our dispatchers are responsible for include:

Answering emergency 911 calls for the area.

Paging and dispatching for eight fire departments or districts: Jackson Fire Rescue, Millersville, Delta, Whitewater, East County, North County, Fruitland, and Gordonville.

Paging and dispatching for medical first responders in four districts and the City of Jackson: Millersville, East County, Gordonville, Fruitland, and Jackson Fire Rescue.

Paging and dispatching of Emergency Operations Center personnel during situations such as severe weather.


Handling all police radio traffic for the sheriff's office, Jackson Police Department, as well as the Delta Police Department.

Answering regular non-emergency calls for the Sheriff's Office and Jackson Police Department.

Maintaining various records and retrieving information on the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System.  These records include, but are not limited to, warrants, orders of protection, and sexual offenders.

Logging records of all calls and dispositions into our computer aided dispatch software.

Controlling some facility doors at the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office and Jackson Police Department through computerized door systems.  Monitoring some City of Jackson and Cape Girardeau County security cameras.

Handling walk-in complainants and inquiries from citizens.

Providing assistance to and serving as the primary backup for the Cape Girardeau City 911 Center.

The communications center can currently support a maximum of 6 officers working simultaneously. Dispatchers are Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System certified and also receive training to comply with the Missouri 911 training and standards act. The communications center is supervised by a commissioned lieutenant and a civilian communications manager.


Map of the County Fire Districts