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Jail Division

The mission of the Cape Girardeau County Jail Division is to establish a standard of excellence in the field of corrections by housing pre-trial detainees, sentenced detainees, and federal prisoners in a secure environment to maintain safety to the public while also keeping within guidelines so as not to infringe upon the constitutional rights and to assist the detainee in making a successful transition back to community life.  The Jail Division endeavors to accomplish this goal by creating a positive environmental setting for detainees for developing socially acceptable behavior patterns through progressive classification systems, trustee programs, out of cell activities (when warranted), and any other programs that interface with the community.


The Cape Girardeau County Jail Division is commanded by Jail Administrator Richard Rushin and Lieutenant Jason Ladner along with 30+ Corrections Officers and Deputies. The Corrections Officers and Deputies are divided into four squads. Each squad works a twelve-hour shift that provides 24-hour daily safety, security and order to the jail inmate population.


Jail Division Sergeants:

T. Crihfield A. Harris

Jail Division Corporals: 

L. Droge K. Garnett C. McBride M. Golden

Jail Division Officers and Deputies:


Officer Ramos Officer Honeycutt Officer Dunning Officer Carrell
Deputy Lewis Deputy Sikes Deputy Klein Officer C. Brown
Deputy Dacus Officer Embrich Officer Johnston Deputy A. Williams
Officer Hodges Officer Josett Officer Sims Deputy Holland
Officer Dowd Officer Hammon Officer Elfrink Officer James
Officer Nenninger Officer Jarvis Officer J. Friedrich Officer Gibson
Officer K. Williams Deputy N. Brown Deputy Heath Deputy Erter
Deputy Gowan Officer Myrick    


Liaison Murray Liaison Allen Officer Carr Deputy Martin
Deputy Welch Deputy Fortner Deputy Koch Officer Thompson
Officer Trejo Officer Chalmers    


The Jail Division is responsible for the housing and management of detainees with both state and federal charges and is designed to meet guidelines to house both types of detainees. Responsibilities of the Jail Division include safety and security of detainees, enforcing jail rules and policies, responding to detainee disturbances, maintaining a clean, peaceful, and orderly jail environment, transportation of detainees, and monitoring and addressing any health needs of detainees with the assistance and guidance of in-house medical staff.

If you have any questions concerning a detainee or processes within the Cape Girardeau County Jail Division, you may select the "Inmate/Facility Information" tab to the left, contact the Cape Girardeau County Jail at (573) 243-3551, Option 1 or you may send an email @